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terça-feira, outubro 17, 2006

Space, let me repeat, is enormous. The average distance between stars out there is over 30 million million kilometres. Even at speeds aproaching those of light, these are fantastically challenging distances for any travelling individual. Of course, it is possible that alien beings travel billions of miles to amuse themselves by planting crop circles in Wiltshire or frightening the daylights out of some poor guy in a pickup truck on a lonely road in Arizona (they must have teenagers, after all), but it does seem unlikely.

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Nao posso comentar.

Só queria dizer que estou doente.


I hope you have enjoyed my english post.
I thought about this idea while I was taking in the ass during my last London vacations.
As you can read, my knowledge of foreign languages is very good.
As a matter of fact, I don't just can write in other languages but I'm a perfectionist in portuguese grammar, I'm a very good cook, I sing very well, and my blowjobs are one of the best you can enjoy.
Unfortunately, in the other job, the one which give me more money, I'm not so good.

Sorry, I'm a liar.
Normally the only idea I have while taking upon the ass is trying to make my partner don't come too fast.
Of course I should I've notice you before that these text ain't mine.
I've stollen it from here:


Wasn´t it a fabulous idea?

Cala-te, clone do caralho.

De quem quer que seja a página onde foste buscar isso, pá, é uma cópia quase letra por letra do livro do Bill Bryson que, por sinal, deverias ler, para te aperceberes da idiotice que é a tua pessoa.

Aliás, nem eu nunca disse que este texto era meu, ó estúpida.

Há coisas fantásticas, não há?

Aliás, pá, nem sabes escrever grande coisa em inglês...

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